$80 - 60 minutes

What is Fu’s Subcutaneous Needle?

Also called Floating Needle acupuncture, is like IMS that never goes into a muscle. Acupuncture is a very versatile, and broad medicine and has specific treatment approaches for bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves, etc. FSN Therapy is a direct treatment of the superficial fascia with the goal of releasing tight myofascial structures to improve function, mobility and circulation.

Despite its effectiveness, FSN Therapy isn’t widely practiced outside of China - only a few dozen trained acupuncturists in BC. I met Dr. Fu when he visited Canada several years ago at a demonstration for the ATCMA and was very impressed with him. From personal experience, on both sides of the needle, I can say that this treatment method is very different from almost every other form of acupuncture in practice. FSN therapy often gets results with even just one needle and we can often see pain relief & increased mobility in minutes.

What makes FSN unique?

FSN Therapy utilises acupuncture techniques which pre-date TCM theory; it combines traditional (or classical) acupuncture channel theory with deep knowledge of human anatomy, integration and function. FSN does not enter muscles or deeper layers, only treating the most superficial fascial layer that is rich in collagen fibres which connect to deeper structures. The superficial layer is also less innervated which helps to make it less painful than other needling therapies.

What does it treat?

FSN Therapy is designed to directly treat the myofascia network and was intended to treat tight muscles: Strong pain caused by acute sprain or injury, acute muscle strain (neck & shoulder, low back) , muscle spasm, tennis elbow, TMJ disorder, Trigeminal Neuralgia, shoulder Impingement and others.

It’s also very good for: Genitourinary conditions (fibroids, weak bladder, kidney stones) and digestive problems (consultation, diarrhoea, GERD).