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My acupuncture services

Acupuncture Services

The different acupuncture and related therapies I provide. Incorporating the best of Traditional & Classical Chinese Medicine as well as Japanese, Korean and modern perspectives - sports medicine and neuroanatomy.



Headaches and migraine respond well to acupuncture treatment. Whether it's related to neck tension, changes in hormones or other, treatment is available.

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Quit Smoking

I've worked over 12 years in addictions and mental health. There's no magic spot to help you quit, but acupuncture does help. Whether you want to quit cold turkey or taper off slowly. I provide affordable acupuncture services so you can get as much treatment as you need.

Neck pain

The most common pattern in the clinic lately - neck, shoulder and upper back tension & pain. Often compounded with headaches, grinding teeth or numbness in your hands.

Breech Presentation

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Carpal Tunnel

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Plantar Fasciitis

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