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Nanaimo Acupuncture

802-B Fitzwilliam St, at the corner of Kennedy & Fitzwilliam.
Please respect our neighbours and park in the driveway if possible.

What sets us apart?
Affordable - Nanaimos original community acupuncture, since 2009.
IMS, Acupuncture & more! - A wide variety of options to help you.
Acute pain? - I treat sports injuries and pain from motor vehicle or workplace accidents.
Chronic pain? - I'm happy to be part of your team to get you pain free.

Conditions we treat


Headaches and migraine respond well to acupuncture treatment. Whether it's related to neck tension, changes in hormones or other, treatment is available.

Know more

Quit Smoking

I've worked over 12 years in addictions and mental health. There's no magic spot to help you quit, but acupuncture does help. Whether you want to quit cold turkey or taper off slowly. I provide affordable acupuncture services so you can get as much treatment as you need.

Neck pain

The most common pattern in the clinic lately - neck, shoulder and upper back tension & pain. Often compounded with headaches, grinding teeth or numbness in your hands.

Breech Presentation

Actual info coming soon

Carpal Tunnel

Actual info coming soon

Plantar Fasciitis

Actual info coming soon

Get in touch

If you have a question about the clinic, treatment options or anything else, please feel free to contact the office through the contact form. You will receive an email confirming that your message was sent as well as a reply back from me shortly after receiving your query. If you don't receive a confirmation, then your message did not go through, please contact the office directly.

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  • Do you direct bill insurance?

    I direct bill to BC MSP for people with low income/disability, and I'm registered with both ICBC and Worksafe BC which will cover the full cost of treatment.

    I also bill direct to dozens of private insurers including Blue Cross (Pacific, Alberta and Medavie), Manulife, Canada Life, Greenshield, Chambers of Commerce and many others. Please note that having insurance coverage for acupuncture is not a guarantee that I am able to bill for treatment. Some plans (RCMP & veterans) require a physician referral and others (Empire) don’t allow practitioners to direct bill. I do my best.

  • Do you treat during pregnancy?

    Of course, acupuncture can and should be very safe and effective during pregnancy, or any time.

    I have treated hundreds of people during pregnancy, trying to get pregnant as well as labour and post-partum support.

    The clinic is equipped with a pregnancy wedge which allows you to lay face down without any discomfort or pressure. It's also been very useful for anyone with a larger chest or tummy who has difficulty laying flat.

  • Can I get acupuncture and still see other practitioners?

    Of course.

    Acupuncture & IMS will relax muscles and calm the nervous system which will make it easier for your massage therapist or chiropractor to do their job.

    My services also complement physiotherapy and kinesiology very well, use this to get the pain down and then work to strengthen the body so it doesn't come back. Additionally, I have 12 years of work in mental health and addictions and have seen first hand how well it helps with therapy & counselling.

    For many chronic conditions, or even after a motor vehicle accident, a broad approach to treatment with a good team of practitioners is a great way to get results. I regularly work with a select group of independant practitioners to introduce patients to what will help them.

  • Does acupuncture or IMS hurt?

    Usually very little, if at all. Acupuncture needles are very thin which makes insertion almost painless. However, if you’re very anxious about acupuncture, then you’ll feel it more than if you’re relaxed.

    I usually use special, coated needles to minimise pain and have over two decades of needling experience - most patients do not feel any pain on insertion.

    When we directly treat muscles or tendons, there's often a jump sensation - not painful, but maybe a surprise. Once the needles are in, most people feel a slight heaviness, numbness, tingling or warmth in the area, or eslewhere in the body followed by a deep rest and relaxation.

  • Does acupuncture help with X?

    Nothing would make me feel better than "Yes!" But that's a marketing answer, so in actual truth it's more of a "Yes, but...".

    Anyone in practice long enough will hear feedback like "Wow, one treatment and my pain is gone" and those make us feel amazing. Our heads so swollen with ego and pride we can't walk through doorways. But almost as often, we hear "I tried a bunch of treament and no change at all". So our heads always find a way to return to normal size.

    Acupuncture is an amazing tool that can relax nerves, muscles and fascia, it can reduce inflammation and regulate the function of many interanl systems. Most of the time this is enough.

    If you want to come in, or call the office to talk about things, feel free; we can ususally find time to answer any questions you have. But please remember than it's not magic, many prominent acupuncturists around the world suggest a minimum of 5-10 visits as a course of treatment.