$30 - 50 sliding scale - 60 minutes

It's the same high level of care for a fraction of the cost. 

I now have just two reclining chairs in the room so you can get acupuncture treatment in a safe and comfortable environment.

 We understand that medical treatment can be very expensive and therefore difficult to afford and get results. No treatment will work if you don't follow the instructions, so this is the deal; we've made it affordable, you just need to use it until you feel better.

Thousands of years ago, the original acupuncture only used 60 acupuncture points - all of these are on the arms & hands or legs & feet. Later developments used points on the back to treat back pain and other locations, but the core of acupuncture treatment is on the arms & legs.

Why community acupuncture?

  • It's a great treatment for stress, anxiety or depression.
  • Do you have pain in an ankle or wrist? Keep your clothes on and grab a chair!
  • Are you low income, or on disability? Treatment may be mostly covered by BC MSP.
  • Chronic health issues? Pay less and come more often to get good results.
  • Can't lay on your stomach? Just sit back and relax.
  • Nervous about acupuncture treatment? Come with a friend.

Treatment is done wherever we can access - usually the head, arms and legs; but other areas are accesssible based on your comfort. Just remember that tight clothes can limit access to treatment area, so dress comfortably.

What does it treat?

Community acupuncture treats almost everything that standard acupuncture does. The group environment is a great place for mental & emotional health and many internal medical issues - respiratory, cardiovascular, reproductive and digestive concerns.  It's also helpful for simple aches & pains, but for pain in the back of the neck, shoulders, back or hips I recommend private treatment where these areas can be directly accessed.

What it won't do

I will not be sticking needles into your back even if (and I have been asked) you offer to lay face first in the chair or if you promise not to roll over. I have never injured or killed anyone with acupuncture and I don't want to start anytime soon.