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Regenerative Injection Therapy

Nanaimo Acupuncture strives to be at the forefront of acupuncture treatment so we can provide you with the best treatment options for whatever is bothering you.

Injection therapy goes beyond traditional acupuncture & IMS, usually providing faster, more effective results and are able to treat conditions that dry needling therapies can't touch. RIT is an umbrella term and refers to a treatment which can involve between one and five different needling techniques.

During your assessment, we will create a comprehensive treatment plan which is designed to treat pain from variety of causes. For more information about the different services please see the information below or the links above. You can also discuss how appropriate this form of treatment is for your particular condition with your acupuncturist.

Training in all regeneration injection therapies are done through ARIABC, which trains acupuncturists across North America to exacting standards.

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Neural Therapy - scars & adhesions, concussion, PTSD and pain

Neural Therapy revolves the idea that injury, trauma and infections can damage the nervous system which negatively impacts on the function of local tissues.

There are three main uses for neural therapy injections:
1. Scar & Adhesion Release to treat pain, restricted movement after surgery or injury.
2. Segmental Therapy to treat the superficial branches of nerves that are causing pain and other issues deeper in the body.
3. Interference Fields where unexplained pain occurs in one part of the body when something else is affected, such as a toothache causing knee pain.

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Perineural Injections - nerve entrapments and neurogenic pain

Perineural Therapy treats nerve entrapments: where nerves pass through muscles or fascia and where they cross over bones they can become trapped in the tissues and inflamed. Perineural treatment works to free the entrapment and stop the transmission of pain to reset the nerve.

This is a gentle, superficial treatment and is often combined with trigger point injections to treat any muscle contractions or other myofascial issues which may be contributing to the nerve impairment. Whether it's used on its own or in combination this is effective in treating fibromyalgia, complex regional pain syndrome and neuropathy - treating carpal tunnel, drop foot, TMJ disorders, Morton’s neuroma and golfers/tennis elbow.

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Trigger Point Injections - for deep knots and myofascial pain

If you've had IMS then you've had trigger point therapy. Now imagine if this type of treatment could be much more effective and do more than just releasing the muscle.

Similar to IMS & Trigger point acupuncture, this type of injection treatment focuses on directly clearing constricted muscle fibres but uses a gentle injection in place of aggressive needling or electrical stimulation.

When a muscle is constricted for a long period of time, the structure of it changes forming knots & adhesions affecting nerves and blood flow which can lead to arthritis, wear & tear and other degenerative and inflammatory conditions.

Trigger point injection is effective relief for myofascial pain making it very useful for amateur & professional athletes recovering from injuries as well as for people recovering from accidents and physical trauma.

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Prolotherapy - repairing joints, ligaments & tendons

Prolotherapy is a regenerative procedure which repairs and strengthens the ligaments and tendons around joints to restore joint function, mobility and stability.

Ligaments and tendons act as shock absorbers in our body but lose their elasticity over time. Rich in nerve endings but often lacking in blood supply, or connective tissues feel a lot of pain but are slow to heal.

Prolotherapy is a non-surgical, non-steroidal therapy for the treatment of damaged or degenerated tendons, ligaments, cartilage and joints as well as sprains, tears and inflammation. It is the treatment of choice for everyone from high performance athletes to anyone with joint pain from acute injury or chronic overuse.

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Medical Ozone & Prolozone - regenerating cartilage & more

Injectable Ozone has been used in hospitals and clinics around the world for over a century for promoting healing after injury & surgery.

Prolozone is a non-inflammatory approach to prolotherapy, using ozone gas in the place of dextrose.

These treatments are coming soon, contact the office for information & availability

Vitamin Injections - low energy, depression and weight loss

The clinic offers other injection therapies as well particularly intramuscular injections of B vitamins (individually or as B complex), MIC Lipotropic injections (for weight loss, depression, low energy) and more.


Registered Acupuncturist

Nanaimo Acupuncture is looking for a like-minded acupuncturist looking to join an independent clinic.

An interest in providing affordable acupuncture and/or point injection services is preferred


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