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Our Acupuncture Services

Acupuncture is one of the oldest and most practiced treatment modalities in the world - because it works. After decades of criticism and written off as quackery, today it is so well regarded that across Canada and the world it’s practiced by doctors, naturopaths, physiotherapists and chiropractors.

It might be the most researched and reviewed medical treatment in the world with studies constantly published around the world. In many studies researching the treatment of chronic pain acupuncture has shown to be more effective than most medications (non-opioid) as well as many other therapies.

The comprehensive training that Registered Acupuncturists undergo is much more than a few weekend courses, which is why we always recommend getting acupuncture from an actual acupuncturist. Our education includes training in Traditional/Classical Chinese Medicine, Japanese, Korean styles of acupuncture as well as modern IMS, Trigger Point therapy and neurological approaches to treatment. We use the best of what we know, from thousands of hours of education and post-graduate training to create a tailor made treatment plan for you.

For further reading please feel free to download and read the free e-book Why Did You Put That Needle There? by Andy Wegman and the staff of the Manchester Acupuncture Studio.

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Acupuncture - personalised treatment for the whole body

One of the central concepts in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is this:

Where there is pain there is poor circulation and
where there is good circulation there is no pain.

The healthy function of every system in our body depends on the free circulation of oxygen, nutrients, hormones, immune factors and others. It has been said that the real age of a person is the health of their circulatory system.

Acupuncture works by stimulating blood flow to specific areas as well as having a regulating effect on the nervous system to either relax or stimulate function for homeostasis and optimal health. It is safe, effective and can often be an affordable way to treat pain & other health issues.

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Community Acupuncture - affordable acupuncture in a group setting

$20 - 40, pay what works for you

Any kind of acupuncture, IMS or dry needling works best with frequent & regular treatment:

  • frequent to get you feeling better fast
  • regular to help create a new normal.

Even for moderate pain and health problems, 2-3 treatments per week will bring pain and disease under control faster and more effectively than once a week or less.The goal is not to make a lot of money from our clients, we want to see you living healthy and pain free.

Community acupuncture treatments are an excellent way to treat pain, digestive and respiratory conditions, stress, anxiety & depression as well as fertility and labour preparation & induction.

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Auricular Treatment - for anxiety, mood and help to stop smoking

Ear acupuncture and acupressure treatment is available as a take away option.
We offer auricular tacks, seeds and magnets that you can use for a variety of issues, but with a strong focus on lowering stress & anxiety, boosting mood and controlling cravings.

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Registered Acupuncturist

Diploma of Acupuncture
Certified Reflexologist

Nanaimo Acupuncture is looking for a like-minded acupuncturist looking to join an independent clinic.

An interest in providing affordable acupuncture and/or point injection services is preferred


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Nanaimo Acupuncture
87 Wallace St
Nanaimo BC

Nanaimo Acupuncture

87 Wallace St
Nanaimo, BC
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"Emergency" appointments are available, just call to arrange if outside of standard office hours.

In real emergencies, please call 911.