Perineural Injections

Freeing nerve entrapments to treat neurological pain


Registered Acupuncturist

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What are Perineural Injections?

These are superficial injections into the fascia between the skin & muscles where nerve might be trapped.

What does it do?

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See that part to the right of the image of a healthy nerve? It looks nice & healthy, the sheath around it is able to move smoothly around the nerve as you move your body. Then there's that great big lump right in the middle, the nerve is inflamed and stuck because the sheath around it isn't moving the rest of the nerve to the left is stretched and very sensitive to motion.

Neurogenic inflammation often doesn't respond to anti-inflammatory medications or steroid injections, but oddly enough pain can be relieved immediately with sugar. The dextrose based solution we use loosens the tissues to free the nerves and also helps to stop the pain signal. There's a lot of science involved but this treatment blocks the transmission and release of chemical substances which are involved in inflammation and pain.

What does it treat?

Perineural injections treat nerve entrapments; if there's a nerve entrapped in tissues or irritated where it passes over bones, this treatment can loosen the area, release the nerve and stop the pain.

Perineural treatment is specifically effective at treating:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Complex regional pain syndrome
  • Neuropathy

Together with Trigger point injections we can effectively and quickly treat pain from nearly anywhere.

What does it cost?

A point injection treatment, which usually uses a combination of trigger point and perineural injections starts at $100 and is adjusted depending on the amount of treatment required.

For complete information on payment types we accept as well as insurance billing, please visit our section on payment types on the About the Clinic page.

What are my other options?

Neural therapy provides a similar relief for nerve pain and acupuncture & IMS can help relieve the tension in muscles and fascia but the effect is often milder and needing more treatments to get the results.