Apparently there's been this bug going around...?

We have returned to almost normal operations. But please be respectful of the space and the practice - I come into direct contact with many people throughout each day, including my own family. I work with patients in their 90's, nurses who work with children without immune systems, pregnant women and many other people who don't want any surprises in their lives.


  • If you have a fever, cough or any symptom related to (or similar to) COVID-19 please stay home and quarantine as directed by the CDC & common courtesy.
  • Obviously acupuncture is done in close quarters, but I will remain distanced as much as possible. The perfect overlap of social awkwardness and public safety!
  • I'd ask that only patients enter the office. Friends and family members should wait outside unless helping with mobility or translation.
  • There is ample hand sanitiser in the clinic - the same fast breaking foam used in hospital and clinic settings.
  • Please wear a mask when you come into the clinic. As I mentioned above, there are people I treat at the clinic who have (or work/live with) compromised immune systems.
  • Please keep distance between yourself and other patients, the new clinic space is pretty small so if people are leaving it may be better to wait outside.
  • The clinic is not a public place, please  enter the clinic only if you have an appointment.
  • Vaccine passports are only for non-essential, group gatherings; neither of these apply to health care
  • I treat vaccinated and non-vaccinated patients equally at this clinic. Universal precautions and trauma informed care have always been an essential part of safe practice.


  • I try to provide a very clean office space.
  • I use a BC CDC approved hydrogen peroxide solution for my cleaning - effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi without odour or irritation to skin.
  • Door handles, counters, coat hangers are wiped several times every day.

My attitude has always been safety over sensitivity - I want this be a safe space for everyone. This means we all have to exercise a bit more compassion and respect.

This space will always be here  to communicate updates to the changing precautions as well as policies I work by as directed by the Ministry of Health, my regulatory college and others. We're all looking forward to seeing the back of Covid and the impact it's had on our lives.

Thanks for your patience.

Clayton WIlloughby

Current to 2021, October 6